Spoilt for choice? Just cannot choose what to buy from our stunning collection? No probs! Rather than guessing which item is best for you or buying everything just to return what doesn't work, why don't you just let us know what you want to try on and we can pop it round to you?
Drop us a line at heretohelp@charlotteboutique.co.uk and let us know what you're after. Once we've dropped it off you'll have 24 hrs to try on and decide, after which you can either make the purchase or we'll come and collect it. Easy peasy! 
This service is only available locally in Elmbridge.  Only includes clothes. Does not include the coats as they are made to order. 
Boring rules bit ;)
All requests must be made via the heretohelp@charlotteboutique.co.uk email address.  You will have 24 hrs to choose whether to make the purchase online or return the item/s.  Purchase must then be made within the following 24 hr period.  Please note that all returned items must be unworn and in the same condition as when dropped to you and with all tags still attached. Any suit covers or hangers will also need to be returned.  We will aim to deliver the items you wish to try on the same day you make the request however, this will not always be possible. We collect any items you want to return.  We reserve the right to refuse to provide this service with no reason given. 
At present due to Coronavirus, we quarantine any returned items for 72 hrs. If the fabric is suitable the item will also be steamed.